Our Latest Projects

WOW MediaSonic Strategy, Composition, Sound Design

Swapfiets SoundlogoSonic Strategy, Composition, Sound Design

Schoonenberg Whisper of LoveMusic, Sound Design, Mix & Master

Wilson Airless Ball Gen 1Music, Sound Design, Voice Casting, Mix & Master

Dick Moby Look Good For Your PlanetMusic, Sound Design, Mix & Master

Dé Vakantie DiscounterMusic, Sound Design, Mix & Master

Dr. Oetker Big AmericansMusic, Sound Design, Mix & Master

HotjarSonic Strategy, Composition, Sound Design

Formula 1 Abu Dhabi GP 2023Music, Sound Design, Voice Casting, Mix & Master

Hey! I'm AnderzMusic, Sound design, Voice casting, Mix & Master

ZwitserlevenSonic Strategy, Composition, Sound Design

Old Parr - A Vida Bem VividaMusic, Sound Design, Voice Casting, Mix & Master

OdidoMusic, Sound Design, Mix, Master

EVbox RebrandMusic, Composition, Sound Design, Mix & Master

Google I/O 2023Music, Composition, Sound Design, Mix & Master

Bugaboo's New Taupe CollectionMusic, Sound Design, Mix & Master

ZzzMusic, Sound Design, Mix & Master

Remastered ExperienceMusic, Sound Design, Mix & Master (10.1 Surround Sound)

GoodformMusic, Composition, Sound Design, Mix & Master

ZeemanMusic, Sound Design, Voice Casting, Mix & Master

Seven Animal SinsComposition, Sound Design, Mix & Mastering

HalloStroom TV campaignMusic, Sound Design, Mix & Master

XENOS - 50 Years AnniversaryMusic, Sound Design, Mix & Master

REV’ITMusic, Sound Design, Mix & Master

Wilson Airless PrototypeMusic, Sound Design, Voice Casting, Mix & Master

Polaroidcomposition, sound design, mix & mastering

Bugaboo Strollerscomposition, sound design, mix

THE SOUND OF ACESonic Strategy, Composition, Sound Design

YONI CAREMusic, Sound Design, Voice Over Recording, Mix & Master


KLMMusic, Sound Design, Mixing & Mastering

Crobox Manifesto FilmComposition, Sound Design, Voice Over (casting & recording), Mix & Mastering

Intel Architecture SeriesSonic Branding, Sound Design

Oatside Of LifeConcept, Voice Casting, Composition, Sound Design, Mix, Master

adidas Triple Black CollectionComposition, Sound Design, Mix & Master

ROETZ BRAND FILMMusic composition, Copy, Voice Over Casting, Sound Design, Mix Master

MatchisComposition, Sound design, Mix, Master

Koga brand filmCo-Composition, Co-Sound Design, Mix & Master

MaxibonComposition, Sound Design, Mix & Master

Fernandes M'n FamComposition, Sound Design, Mix & Master

Videoland Tijd is GeldMusic Supervision, Sound Design, Mix & Master

adidas Mother's DayComposition, Sound Design, Mix Master

Procentec Launch MovieComposition, Sound design, Mix, Master

Intersport Epic and EasyComposition, Sound design, Mix, Master

'Uncharted' Kensington Short FilmSound Design, Mix, Master

Procentec: Atlas2Composition, Sound design, Mix, Master

Pink RibbonConcept, Songwriting, Composition, Production, Mix, Voice Overs, Artist development, Promotion

Jelly Bean FactoryComposition, Production, Mix, Master

TV538 Sonic UpdateComposition, Sound Design, Mix

Alibaba Alchemy; directors cutFull Service