adidas Triple Black Collection

big sound, dark fashion


Woodwork asked us to work on the new Triple Black collection animation film for adidas. Together with woodwork we started an exploration on how we would approach the sound. The question was how dark we would go with the sounds in contrast with the already dark visuals. We liked to go with a more open sound and beat driven approach.


We started by exploring with human vocals and drums. Started resampling and resampling, and ended up big organic drums combined with electronic instruments and emotional chords to guide you trough the journey of the triple black universe. 

Every product got its own musical key, and product after product the sound is getting higher and more emotional until working towards the end and keep the excitement going. Rhythmic ASMR sounds are used to give you the feeling of being close by the products and connects the music more deeply to the animation.


Client: adidas, Studio A
Client Creative Producer: Cory Chonko
Client Snr Manager Creative Production: Martin Granger Client Creative Director: Ivan Domingo
Client Senior Art Director: Kim Hoffenberg
Directed and produced by: @woodworkamsterdam
Executive Creative Director: Marvin Koppejan
Executive Producer: Nina Fabel
Creative Director: Menno Fokma
Storyboard: Marvin Koppejan
Edit: Menno Fokma
Animation & Compositing: Menno Fokma, Airton Groba, Marvin Koppejan, Ernst Noort, Aviv Tal, Grant Campbell (Quite Franckly)
Simulations: Rudolf Jansen van Vuuren (Quite Franckly), Aviv Tal
Design: Roberto Andreu
Music & Sound Design: Max Gramser (THNDR)


Sound Design
Mix & Master


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