Oatside Of Life

How does the bear sound?


Together with Unlisted Australia, Gibbon Animation and TSLA we made this piece of pure big band power. Because of all the love and excitement we had for this project, we took a lot of time finding exactly the right people for the job.


We started by creating several options for the music, bigbands, funk band, showbands to get to the right feel. We tried a lot of singers, young singers, crooners, big names, dark sounding bears. But we sticked with Peter Douglas, beside his good singing voice, he also has this energy in his personality that resonates with the bear and the message. We held 8 vocal auditions and made 10 demos in different genres as a sound exploration for our client. Then we recorded our Covid proof big band, both at home and in the studio. Now it’s the brand song for the Asian firm Oatside! When the song for the commercial was finished, we could apply sound design to the animation. You know, working on how a big brown cartoon bear sounds when he lands on grass, sits down on a bench and drives his motor scooter. From now on, you can spot our song on almost every screen in selected Asian countries.

Watch the behind the sound here!


Production Company: @unlisted__artists
Agency: @thesecretlittleagency
Animation: @gibbonanimation
Singer: @peterdouglas05
Add instruments @hankerkhof
Add instruments: @florisbosma
Add production: @hankerkhof


Voice Casting
Sound Design


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