Intel Architecture Series

Sonic Branding


Intel is an American company that specializes in the design and production of chips, software and other components for computers and networks. We worked on the sonic branding of their series "Architecture All Access", where experts from the field that talk about a specific tech topic. The challenge was to create a musical framework that has a strongly futuristic, yet human feel to it. We wanted them to have branding with allure; something human but also on brand with the tech feeling. With that in mind we needed to create a strong leader, carpet and outro.


After exploring different routes, from more poppy to techno, we ended up with an acoustic piano foundation, which results in a human feeling to the piece. The alternation between acoustic piano and analog synthesizer combines the human element with the tech. We incorporated a large change in key to open up the composition when the title appears. Together with a subtle synth pad in the background, this creates a breathing, breezy feel to the sound design.

How we created the main theme

Starting with acoustic instruments

The looping Carpet

The transition from leader to the content, with space for dialog


Composer: @maxmakesbeats
Animation: @woodworkamsterdam
Client: @intel


Sonic Branding
Sound Design


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