Wilson Airless Prototype

Campaign Audio


We are excited to announce our latest endeavor - A trailer for the Wilson Airless Prototype basketball. This film was premiered during the 2023 NBA Dunk Contest and showcases the stunning visuals created by Woodwork. The film is comprised of two distinct sections - the buildup leading up to the unveiling of the new ball, followed by NBA player K.J. Martin's interaction with it.


The production commences by instilling a perceptible sense of tension, with the storyline gradually building on the notion of overcoming insurmountable obstacles. To further heighten the emotional resonance of the narrative, the musical score transitions from a major to a minor key. The eventual unveiling of the prototype is followed by a shift in tempo, intended to increase the engagement and energy levels of the audience. This is bolstered by the skillful incorporation of sounds that evoke the sensation of a basketball in motion.

The music and sound design were crafted using a unique amalgamation of sound sources, including samples of sand, helicopters, gravel, dirt, hard disc's, Moog synth bases and acoustic drums.
Additionally, we had the privilege of collaborating with the remarkably skilled rapper and artist Aristoteles, further enhancing the overall quality of the production.

Our sound design process involves a meticulous approach where we carefully craft and integrate a variety of textures that perfectly match the animation.

We decided to create ASMR versions for the cutdowns.


Animation & design: @woodworkamsterdam
Client: @wilson
Music & Sound Design:


Sound Design
Voice Casting
Mix & Master