Directors' Cut


Working on the REV'IT! brand and product film was a truly inspiring experience for our team. Diving deep into the rabbit hole Trentemoller, Azaleh, and Nathan Fake the craft the sound for the director's cut of the film, which was accompanied by incredible visuals from our friend and collaborator, Menno Fokma. With these visuals as our guide, we set out to produce a dynamic and engaging audio experience that built up to a full beat.

The challenge lay in maintaining the track's energy throughout the entire film. To achieve this, we utilized a fragmented sound design approach that kept the focus on the diverse textures present in the film. Our experimentation with the Moog synthesizer added a gritty and edgy tone that perfectly matched the film's overall mood and feel.


It was a great pleasure to work together with people who are on the same wavelength. Secretly, we were all fans of the dark, tough, techno-influenced beats. So, the synthesizers were already warmed up and ready to go.


Client: REV’IT!
For Client: Jordy van den Bergh, Wesley van Groenland, Gerbrandt Aarts
Production Company: Lukkien
Producer: Koen Vlemmix
Director: Menno Fokma
D.O.P.: Peter Tillemans
BOLT operator: Martin Hevel
Gaffer: Paul Roelofse
Editors: Kevin Whelan, Job Koenders,
Grading (DC): Chris Kolkman
Audio (DC): THNDR (Max Gramser, Han Kerkhof)


Sound Design
Mix & Master


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