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Sonic Branding


WOW Media is renowned for their innovative digital billboards across significant locations in Los Angeles. They required sonic branding that would represent their cutting-edge technology while reflecting their core values of relationships, accountability, collaboration and creativity. We were asked to create WOW Media's sound logo, incorporating the visual concept of glass layers and light refractions made by design studio Wonderland. Second, WOW's new website features an immersive experience showcasing some of their realized projects. Our task was also to create appropriate sound design that would enhance this experience.


We started making the sound logo with an exploration of glass sounds, capturing a diverse array of textures and tones. We transformed these samples into a musical instrument; each pitch on the keyboard was made with sounds from our glass recordings and corresponded to the alphabetical order. We then chose the notes that spelled WOW and deepened the sound with analog effects and a low bass synth.

We also created sound design for WOW Media’s new website experience. This online world allows users to explore a virtual representation of Los Angeles, complete with WOW's digital billboards. That’s why we tried to source as many of the UI sounds from Los Angeles as we could. We made use of broadcast sports commentaries from the stadiums that were part of their online experience, for example. The underlying score ties the experience together, portraying a high-tech world with the use an arpeggio synth. This sound expands into a cinematic riser that deepens the WOW experience as you navigate through their virtual world.

Website Experience

Here’s a quick run-through of the website experience. Check it out at:


Client: @wowmedianetwork
Production Company: @wonderlandstdio

Sonic branding:
Composer: Han Kerkhof


Sonic Strategy
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