Wilson Airless Ball Gen 1

Campaign Audio


Wilson is a worldwide market leader when it comes to high-quality sports gear. In collaboration with Woodwork, we were entrusted with crafting the sound for Wilson's campaign for the groundbreaking Airless Ball Gen1. This airless basketball boasts a unique 3D-printed polymer lattice structure while replicating the exact feel of a traditional basketball. The campaign not only aims to introduce this innovative product to a larger audience but also highlights Wilson's dedication to pushing the boundaries of sports equipment design.

Our task was to create a sound experience that would complement Wilson's narrative of innovation by providing music, sound design, and voice acting to their film. We wanted to combine several elements in a cinematic trailer experience: the technological aspect of product innovation, a score for the desert images and the impact that a product like this can make on the market. Also, for the product launch event, Wilson asked us to make a soundtrack tailored to the specific moment of release.


For a captivating, cinematic effect, we combined dramatic impact effects with graceful string melodies. When mixed with lively beats, laser sound effects, and authentic basketball sounds, a universe is being created around the innovation of this product.

We once again invited Aristoteles Mendes, who performed splendidly on the previous Wilson campaign, to return to the role of voice actor for this project. The unique mix of his characteristic voice, the music, and the sound effects was carefully crafted to capture the spirit of Wilson's forward-thinking approach to designing and making sports equipment.


Animation & design: @woodworkamsterdam
Client: @wilson
Director: Jennifer Braier, Jarvis Kim
Copywrite: Nick Eckel
Senior Project Manager: Molly Pike
Marketing: David Picioski
Directed And Produced By: Woodwork Amsterdam
Executive Creative Director: Marvin Koppejan
Executive Producer: Nina Fabel
Producer: Gayle Van Bochove, Cory Chonko
Art Director: Roberto Andreu 3d Artist: Lennard Goede, Neil Verhavert
Michiel Krop, Pascal Amestegui Fuentes 2d Animator: Hidde Maas
Music & Sound Design:


Sound Design
Voice Casting
Mix & Master


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