Schoonenberg Whisper of Love

TV Campaign


Indie Amsterdam approached us to compose the music for the new commercial of Schoonenberg, a leading brand in the hearing aid industry. Their latest commercial depicts the story of a father and his daughter, who has worn a hearing aid since birth. In order to capture the high definition of Schoonenberg’s products, we had to bring life to an emotive world filled with whispers and impactful touches.


Working closely with Indie Amsterdam, we set out to craft a song that would complement the tenderness in the commercial’s narrative. Rather than just making an atmosphere, we wanted to make a song. We chose a delicate piano sound and brought in cellist Jonas Pap to add a beautiful melodic layer to the music. We were excited to work with Ruben Hein and Plume, whose voices added uniqueness and warmth to the track.

The sound design includes whispered lines that draw you in and make you feel connected to the characters in the story. The final piece, titled ‘Whisper of Love’, captures the essence of a father-daughter bond, supporting Schoonenberg's message of care and support.


Client: Schoonenberg
Production company: INDIE Amsterdam
Audio studio: THNDR Studio
Composer: Han Kerkhof
Vocalists: Ruben Hein & Plume
Cellist: Jonas Pap


Sound Design
Mix & Master


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