Hey! I’m Anderz

Giving Anderz a voice


Woodwork came to us with a wonderful animation, made in co-operation with The Family Amsterdam. The task was to create a sonic identity for Anderz, not only through a compelling soundtrack for the campaign but also by defining the character's unique sound. The narrative of the campaign films revolved around Anderz, a character facing challenges in accessing the right care, with Anderzorg offering a solution through app / online services. Our challenge was to conceptualize the musical ideas that would not only complement the storyline but also give Anderz a distinctive sonic personality. We needed to find a sound that resonated with Anderz's character, emphasizing his charm and the campaign's central theme of accessible online care.


In response to Anderzorg's challenge, we meticulously crafted a soundtrack that harmonized with the campaign's narrative. To embody Anderz's character, we made a creative decision to shape his sound as a cute character fashioned from the sound of a balloon. This choice added a whimsical and endearing quality to Anderz's sonic identity, aligning seamlessly with the character's visual representation and the overall tone of the campaign. The music was intricately designed to react dynamically to Anderz's movements and situations, enhancing his personality and making the audience emotionally connect with him. The decision to use the sound of a balloon not only conveyed a sense of lightness and approachability but also symbolized the uplifting experience that Anderzorg aimed to provide. Our technical approach involved precision in sound design, ensuring that every musical element synchronized with Anderz's actions, creating a memorable auditory experience that complemented the visual storytelling. The result was a harmonious blend of music and sound design that elevated Anderz's presence in the campaign, resonating across various platforms—from the Dutch streets to TikTok and the web.


Concept: @thefamilyamsterdam
Animation & design: @woodworkamsterdam


Sound design
Voice casting
Mix & Master


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