Formula 1 Abu Dhabi GP 2023

Yas Marina Circuit, the F1 season's finale


Our team at THNDR is humbled and proud to have been a part of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2023 event! πŸŽοΈπŸβ€¨
We were tasked with creating an audio and sonic branding campaign that would capture the excitement and grandeur of this incredible event. Our approach focused on using tension and emotion to create a cinematic experience that would engage and captivate the audience. The challenge was to engage the audience without resorting to EDM beats. Instead, inspiration was drawn from the sounds of pit stops and cinematic trailers, with a specific focus on sound design rather than a traditional, beat-driven track.


We are thrilled with the results and the feedback we have received. 
In crafting the sonic atmosphere for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2023, we focused on creating a significant ambient chord. This chord, with its rich and full sound, became the centerpiece, infusing the experience with inherent excitement. Complementing this ambient backdrop, we integrated impactful sound design elements derived from the world of Formula 1, incorporating sounds such as wheel guns, tire movements, car engines, all designed to envelop you in the race's auditory landscape, crafting an experience that resonates with the excitement of the event

Yas Marina Trailer

This campaign featured a trailer crafted by Woodwork, highlighting the event and showcasing all the activities available throughout the F1 weekend.

For this video, we took a more traditional approach, using bombastic and orchestral instruments to evoke feelings of tension, excitement, and celebration. Effectively capturing the exact atmosphere Yas Marina seeks to create for this special weekend

Included in this campaign was a Design & Motion toolkit, generating various assets where we applied our crafted sonic identity.


Client: Yas Marina Circuit
Direction: Woodwork
Production: Woodwork

Creative director: Marvin Koppejan Executive producer: Nina Fabel Creative producer: Gayle van Bochove

Creative team: Marvin Koppejan, Roberto Andreu, Ernst Noort, Miguel Mena Solis, Vincent Venema, Lennard Goede, Pascal Amestegui-Fuentes, Hidde Maas

Music: THNDR
Composer: Max Gramser
Composer: Han Kerkhof


Sound Design
Voice Casting
Mix & Master