Pink Ribbon

Let me be your lifeline. The Pink Ribbon anthem.


1 out of 7 women will get breast cancer. Pink Ribbon is a charitable organization for the women who have or have had breast cancer: the foundation finances scientific research in the fields of treatment, aftercare and the long-term effects of breast cancer, with the aim of providing the right treatment, optimal guidance and a good life for every cancer patient. In close collaboration with Pink Ribbon & The Odd Shop we developed a new broadly used audio branding for them based on a brand track. The main goal was to raise money for the NGO with the new bracelets, as well as appeal to younger audiences.


For the track we teamed up with artist and singer @ambergomaa and songwriter @ricodean.wav to create the new Pink Ribbon October Breast Cancer anthem: 'Lifeline'. The song is the soundtrack for the TVC, online advertisements and radio campaigns and is led by the voice-over recording of Pink Ribbon ambassador @qtrustfull. For this campaign, we worked closely together with @maudvanoossanen and @evelienvdwerf - two of the leading ladies in the TVC and both breast cancer victims. Their stories where so strong and touching, that we where inspired to create more concepts related to the promotion of the track. Therefore we've produced a music video and podcast as well. Together with Caroline Westendorp, ADA/Warner & Pink Ribbon we initiated a big promotion offense to reach as many people as possible. Transferring strength & power to all women in need.

Streaming for charity

We’ve released ‘Lifeline’ on all music services. This song is not only a great asset to raise awareness for Pink Ribbon and the sale of the bracelet, but it serves the charity some more: all proceeds from the streams and airplay of ‘Lifeline’ will go to Pink Ribbonโ€™s breast cancer research.

TV Commercial

‘Lifeline’ will be synced with all media outings related to Pink Ribbon: online, radio and TV – created in collaboration by Woodwork.

Producing the track

‘Lifeline’ describes the moment at which someone says to their loved one with cancer: “I see your struggle and I am here for you unconditionally at every step of the way. I will stay close to you and I will not leave until you get through this“. The anthem was build within one day, edited, mixed and mastered (together with 4-times-Grammy-winner Darcy Proper).


The ending of the song sounded so powerful that we couldn’t stop ourselves from getting a choir that chants with Amber. After a lot of seperate recordings, almost 40 people at the same time formed the choir at the end.


The Podcast

Evelien van der Werff and Maud van Oossanen that both had, and Maud even on this point have breast cancer talked for 90 minutes straight about what they are feeling and how it affected their view of life. We initiated this talk because we all felt like the need to add a little story to the beginning of the music video. But the conversation ended up being so powerful and inspirational that we said to each other that we should make a podcast series from the stories.

Teaser S1


Client: @pink_ribbon_nl
Agency: @oddshopamsterdam
Co-writers: @ambergomaa & @ricodean.wav
Copy, promotion & marketing strategy: @carolinewestendorp
Mastering: Darcy Proper
Visual: @woodworkamsterdam, @alexcomansn, @caskerssens, @rxchyang
Partners in crime: @woodworkamsterdam


Voice Overs
Artist development


Procentec: Atlas2