Google I/O 2023

Google Keynote


Our objective was clearโ€”to compose a dynamic track that progressively intensifies until reaching a thrilling climax, synchronizing seamlessly with the countdown from 10 to 0 to the start of IO 2023. Our aim is to produce a composition that encapsulates a sense of playfulness, all while avoiding an overly whimsical or cheesy tone. Additionally, we must record a countdown voiceover that encompasses a wide range of diverse sounds as it counts down from 10 to 0, while staying true to Google's well-known and distinctive audio branding and character.


The end result is an energetic track that we believe successfully strikes a good balance between playfulness and boldness. The core of the track is driven by a powerful and distorted guitar lick, accompanied by lively and robust drums, the composition exudes a strong sense of energy. The addition of distorted, almost kiddy, vocal melodies enhances the playfullness of the track

For the countdown voiceover, we recorded diverse vocals from a wide range of individuals (including different age groups, genders, etc.). These vocals were then processed using vocoders, resulting in each countdown number having its own unique and distinctive sound


Client: @google
Creative music studio: @soundsdeliciousmusic
Music & Sound design:


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