Playful Polaroid Campaign Song


Ralf Desmaeker of Eyeforce asked us what we would do with his script, we really liked his aesthetic and approach to the story, altough it's a somewhat serious topic about the brand name Polaroid. We wanted the film to leave you feeling positive and energetic. That is, in essence, what Polaroid is all about. Following our presentation of our musical research, we presented three bespoke tracks from which he chose one.


Our track for Polaroid's brand film is a playful and energetic composition that incorporates unique sounds of the iconic Polaroid camera. The sounds adds a nostalgic and personal touch to the track, fitting perfectly with the overall theme and feel of the brand film.

The tempo and instrumentation are upbeat and catchy, complementing the visuals in the film and enhance the story. The playful and quirky energy in the music aligns with the creative and nostalgic spirit of the Polaroid brand.

Overall, THNDR has effectively created a track that evokes feelings of nostalgia and playfulness, which seamlessly fits with the brand message of Polaroid. The use of the polaroid camera sounds also adds a special touch and makes it more personal for the listener.

Creating Unique Sound Design for Polaroid Using Only the Camera Itself

The goal was to create a unique sound design for their brand using only the sound of the camera itself.

We decided to approach the project by exploring all the sounds that could be produced by the camera. We recorded every sound that the camera made, including clicks, ticks, paper textures from the packaging, and the sound of film roll being advanced.

We then used these sounds to create a bespoke sound design that perfectly matched the Polaroid brand. By using only the camera sounds, we were able to give the final audio more character and make it unique to Polaroid.

The end result was a sound design that was not only distinctive but also captured the essence of the Polaroid brand. It was a great success and a testament to our ability to create bespoke sound design that truly represents a brand.


Composers: @rosatrujill0 @hankerkhof @maxgramser
Vocalist: @emma.songwriter
Director: @ralfdemesmaeker
Production Company: @eyeforce


sound design
mix & mastering


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