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HalloStroom is a company that wants to focus on bringing sustainability in energy to the Dutch people. Research shows that the average Dutch person wants to be more sustainable, but "people" often only take the step when it is actually cheaper to do so. HalloStroom responds to this, because it is actually more advantageous for their customers to switch to sustainability, while also being affordable. Literally a win-win situation. INDIE, the agency, asked us what we could do with the musical accompaniment. It was a delicate question because the music's emotional undertone is crucial to the campaign itself, and it was really cool to explore this together.


We're thrilled with the final result and the enjoyable collaboration with INDIE throughout the project. As musicians who started playing in bands, we understand the importance of being hands-on when creating music. After presenting various options in different genres, we settled on a Caribbean-influenced Bossa sound that perfectly matched the campaign's sunny-driven message. We also used the raising eyebrow effect of changing from minor to minor and back with the lapsteel.

Working closely with producer/guitarist Floris Bosma on lap steel and composer/bass player Sjoerd de Roij on upright bass, we crafted a sound that captured the essence of the HalloStroom campaign. It was a fantastic experience collaborating with such talented musicians and bringing our shared vision to life.

Floris Bosma is a talented guitarist and composer based in Amsterdam. He played the “Lapsteel” on the HalloStroom Track. The lapsteel in combination with the Bossa genre, creates the association of a warm sunny and easy mood.

Sjoerd De Roij is a multi-talented musician based in Utrecht who has a passion for playing a wide variety of instruments. While also being a great studio player and composer. He played the Upright Bass for us for this campaign. Damn, we love this instrument!

All percussion that you hear has been recorded in-house

Han is playing some Ukelele here.

Adding the piano’s, referring to the original Rio de Janeiro Bossa Nova vibe


Brand: HalloStroom (Leslie Hogeveen & Sophie van Wel)
Advertising Agency: Indie Amsterdam
Production Company: Indie Amsterdam
Director: Anne de Clercq

D.O.P.: Jeroen de Bruin
Offline editor: Taco Arts
Post-production: Berend van Eerde
Grading: Ruben Labree
Sound Design: THNDR
Music: THNDR


Sound Design
Mix & Master


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