Old Parr – A Vida Bem Vivida

TV Campaign


We were tasked by Old Parr with writing a song for their brand-new, joyful campaign ‘A Vida Bem Vivida’ (Live The Life You Love). They wanted to capture the feeling of being united with loved ones and sharing a drink. There should be an emphasis on warmth, togetherness and good vibes. The song should feel authentic, outspoken, energetic and maybe a little millennial. Apart from the musical aspect, we were asked to provide the voice overs for the English, Portuguese and Spanish commercials. We made all this in close collaboration with the agency of


We started exploring multiple musical directions and ended up with a poppy 2010’s vibe. Our musical piece embraces a pop-oriented guitar sound infused with electronic elements and dreamy vocals that give off a singalong vibe. This creates a playful atmosphere radiating golden hour warmth. For the voice overs, we had to find native speakers in English, Portuguese and Spanish. We did an extensive casting with several flavors per language and were glad to find voice over actors who were a great match with our ideas. The end product is a carefree, yet energetic song that conveys the feeling of meeting your friends on a Sunday.


Creative production:
Client: Old Parr
Music & Sound Design:


Sound Design
Voice Casting
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