Dick Moby Look Good For Your Planet

Campaign Music


Dick Moby is an eyewear brand that has found numerous ways to create fashionable sunglasses from recycled materials. We’re thrilled to share our recent project for their new campaign, directed by the talented Boris Booij. For this entertaining storyline, we provided music, sound design, recording and mix to match the atmosphere of their film.

Our main challenge was the fact that their video brings together two storylines in one film: the first part tells the story of an unsellable pair of sunglasses that is considered to be dead stock. Then the film switches to Dick Moby's ambitions of creating sustainable products, concluding with the upgraded sunglasses from the first scene finally being bought.


The first part of our composition captures the emotional journey of a neglected pair of sunglasses, drawing you into their underdog tale. Our music then seamlessly switches into the second section, adopting an energetic, '80's beat-driven feel. As the sunglasses undergo their transformation, our track pulsates with lively rhythms and harmonies, reminiscent of a construction scenes from The A-team TV series.

From the absurd disassembling to a triumphant rebirth, our track adds excitement to the narrative. The film beautifully captures the journey of these unique eyewear pieces, each with their own soul and story. From being unnoticed in an Amsterdam storefront to their glorious comeback as the ‘Limited Edition’, it’s like an 1980's movie about resilience and transformation.


Client: Dick Moby
Producent: Czar
Director: Boris Booij
Audio studio: THNDR


Sound Design
Mix & Master


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