Campaign Music


Zeeman is known widely in the Netherlands for their focus on simplicity and accessibility. However, their new sunglasses collection has the allure of designer fashion, although it's still possible to purchase their products at a reasonable price. The idea of their "Laat Je Niet Verblinden" (Don’t Be Blinded) campaign is to playfully challenge the idea that designer items should always be expensive.

Our task was to create an exciting score that would capture a large audience's attention, while giving the campaign a fashionable edge.


To achieve this, we drew inspiration from the works of renowned composers such as Hans Zimmer, Cliff Martinez, and Trent Reznor, who are known for their ability to create grand scores that are both exciting and emotional. In addition to utilizing warm electronic layers and sound design, our use of vocals gives the project a fashion-forward vibe.

During key moments in the visuals, like when the spaceships emit light, the use of sound design had a big impact. This added dynamism to the project, effectively highlighting important moments throughout the video. We ended up with something that could appeal to a lot of people, but is also otherworldly, thrilling and stands out in a commercial break.


Bureau: Persuade
Concept en creatie: Michiel Rijshouwer, Stefan Keukelaar, Wouter Kraaijvanger
Account: Claire Michielsen
Producer Agency: Moniek van de Rijt
Studio: Evelien Wulms
Content creatie : Nina Hampsink
Productie: Artbox
Producer: Geert Jansen (Artbox), Cariola van Beek (Cariola Creative Content)
Director: Menno Fokma
DOP: Stef Kwinten
Fotograaf: Jeroen W. Mantel
Fotograaf packshots: Elmer Driessen
Director productfilm: Ewoud Bon
Muziek: Max Gramser (THNDR)
Cinema Audio Master: Fabian Brummel
Media: Feli Hansen
PR: Mariette van der Heide (Ganbaroo PR PR), Natascha Van Weereld en Nans Schonkeren (With love Nans)
Opdrachtgever: Caroline van Turennout, Kasper Figee


Sound Design
Voice Casting
Mix & Master