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Swapfiets is an ever-growing brand committed to making cycling accessible and easy while promoting sustainability. They approached us with the task of creating their new sound logo. Swapfiets wanted a sonic branding that would reflect their vibrant presence in the cityscape and create a memorable connection with their audience across various media. During the exploration phase, the client described their brand as something that would sound fun, progressive, pragmatic and supportive. The challenge was to develop an identity that displayed these characteristics, while making Swapfiets instantly recognizable.


In order to keep our music close to their product, we started by recording over a hundred sounds made by a Swapfiets bike. We created a sample pack that we could use for percussive and characteristic effects out of spinning wheels, gear shifts and their iconic bell. These rhythmic elements became the foundation of the sound logo.

We layered funky bass and guitar lines for an uplifting feel and some drums to accentuate the rhythm in the bike sounds. Then we added a catchy melody made with vocals, but processed in a way that it brought warmth, character and a bit of cheekiness to the table. The final sound logo is a blend of rhythmic bike sounds, energetic music, and catchy vocals, capturing the essence of Swapfiets in a recognizable tune.


Client: @swapfiets
Animation & design: @woodworkamsterdam
Music & Sound Design:


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