THNDR is an Amsterdam based, lightning hot music and sound design studio. THNDR creates the perfect symbiosis of video and audio by merging the power of sound with proven craft in – and knowledge of – motion graphics.

In our work for leading global brands and companies like Adidas, Avon, VanMoof and Nike, 50% of the impact we create is through audio. The effect of high-quality, perfectly tailored sound cannot be underestimated. When you see a lion roar, you want to hear – and feel – that lion roar.

Have you seen the recent Apollo 11 documentary? Remember the sound of that rocket boosting off the platform? There you go. That’s what sound design can do.

As we aim for the moon with every element of our productions, we don’t believe in stock music. If every video production and brand is unique, using off-the-shelve audio simply doesn’t make sense. In a cluttered, busy, and noisy (online) world, it is more important than ever to have clear, recognizable and high-class sonic branding for every touchpoint the public can have with your brand. For us, this means creating the very best audio for your production. 

THNDR is connected to Woodwork, but operates as an independent business unit. Its loosely connected bunch of industry-leading sound designers, music producers and composers is headed by Max Gramser, who has been working for leading brands and sound production companies ever since he graduated cum laude as a Bachelor of Music from the Utrecht School of Arts.

Whether it’s sonic branding, music and sound design for motion & animation, a score for your commercial or artist placement you’re looking for: give us a ring. Our team of magical melody makers are eager to electrify your production with some booming THNDR.


Built by Max Gramser