THNDR is an Amsterdam-based studio specializing in sonic branding. We craft audio that enhance the impact of your brand, utilizing our expertise in music and branding.

Welcome to THNDR Music, a Sonic Branding agency based in Amsterdam. We specialize in creating unique and memorable audio branding for some of the world’s most recognized brands, such as Nike, Vanmoof, Adidas, Polaroid, and KLM.

Our team is made up of a diverse group of in-house composers who are passionate about creating innovative and impactful audio branding solutions. We work closely with our clients to understand their brand and create a sound that accurately represents their values and message.

At THNDR Music, we understand the power of sound in creating a connection with customers and leaving a lasting impression. Whether it’s a jingle for a TV ad, a brand theme for a website or app, or a sonic logo to be used across all media, we have the skills and experience to deliver a unique and effective solution. And help with strategstic toughtfull process resulting into meaningfull sound for your brand

Our portfolio of work speaks for itself, and we pride ourselves on our ability to create memorable and effective audio branding for our clients. If you’re looking for a creative and innovative solution for your brand’s audio needs, look no further than THNDR Music.

We’re not just creating music, we’re creating the brand together. So if you’re looking for a partner who will help you create a truly unique and effective sonic identity for your brand, we are here.

We understand that your brand is unique, and that the audio that represents it should be just as distinctive. That’s why we don’t simply make music for your brand, we guide you through the entire process of working with music to make something that truly represents who you are and what you stand for.

So, whether itโ€™s sonic branding, music and sound design for motion & animation, a score for your commercial or artist placement youโ€™re looking for: give us a ring. Our team of magical melody makers are eager to electrify your production with some booming THNDR.

Left: Max, Middle: Caroline, Right: Marvin