14/10/2020 / Max

“I see your struggle and I am there for you unconditionally. I will stay close to you and will not leave you until you are through this”. Dutch producer duo THNDR, singer Amber Gomaa and songwriter Rico Dean have created the tear-jerking and impressive anthem for Pink Ribbon’s October Breast Cancer Month. ‘Lifeline’, out on September 24 2020, will be the leading soundtrack of all Pink Ribbon advertisements and perfectly fits the foundation’s strong action statement: compassion and unity.

The theme of the October Breast Cancer Month 2020 is ‘loved ones’. “‘Lifeline’ literally means “a thing on which someone or something depends or which provides a means of escape from a difficult situation”. Or in this case: a loved one who reaches out his hand to the person with cancer and says: ‘You can lean on me. You are not alone”’, singer Amber Gomaa explains.

1 out of 7 women will have breast cancer. Since the 1990’s Pink Ribbon has created awareness for the fight against breast cancer with the pink ribbon: its sale serves the purpose of raising money for scientific research. ‘Lifeline’ not only taps into the unique strength of the Pink Ribbon bracelet – a sign of compassion and unity, but most importantly it serves the cause: all proceeds from airplay rotation and  online streaming will go to breast cancer research.

Listen to the track here on Spotify