Campaign Music


AA Drink is known as a leading brand for refreshing sports drinks, who wanted us to make something they hadn’t done before. While working closely with the video director, we noticed a fun, humoristic and close-to-home approach of sports. They wanted to emphasize the well known struggle of pushing through, in order to get better at something. Not as an epic struggle, but as something ironic that’s dull at first, and eventually fun and rewarding. We tuned in closely on their sound references, making demos in different styles; working and reshaping our way to something that hits the right spot. This meant not only composing music, but also selecting an actor to record the voice-over, finding the right musicians for the sound they wanted and being responsible for the versioning. Eventually we created ten 5 second versions and ten 6 second edits of sound design, along with the 30 second version for the television commercial.


We’re really proud that we could provide a full service package, while working with lots of talented people. After making demos with several different musical approaches, we settled for making something close to a traditional 1950’s pop song. It seemed the perfect style to serve the joke in the video and give the commercial a characteristic and energetic feel.

The sound had to be truly vintage, so for the music production we did a deep dive in 50’s pop music. The guitar had to sound at least 70 years old, so our guitar player listened closely to the strumming and sound of 50’s guitar players. We worked with a fantastic singer, who approached the style just the right way. After creating the basic composition for the track, we implemented a full tone key change, to help lift the ambiance of the music to another level. Finally, an absolutely charming and energetic voice actor recorded the voice over and tried so many fun approaches in the process, that we could keep working towards something tailor made that both we and the client really enjoyed.


Client: AA Drink (United Soft Drinks)
Brand Manager AA Drink: Claire Pastoor
Agency: Triple Double en Sportizon
Creatie: Jorn Schakenraad, Derek van der Vlugt
Strategy: Derek van der Vlugt, Norberth Korsmit
Account: Billy Kiemeney, Bartel Lambeau, Hanneke Jaanen
Producent: Czar
Director: Boris Booij
Camera: Thomas van Krugten
Grading: Kevin Kimmman
Animation & VFX: Michel Wijdemans
Muziek & geluid: THNDR
Media Strategy: Abovo Media


Music Composition
Sound Design
VO recording
Mixing & Mastering